3 Steps To A Toxic Free Home

We may be dating ourselves here, but does anyone remember the “Say No To Drugs” campaign? It’s okay, Gen Z. You can Google it.

Well, we are here to tell you that it’s time to Say No To Toxins. Yes, we give you permission to make t-shirts.

So how can you proactively protect yourself and your family?

Step 1: Take a look inside your cupboards

Start under your sink with your cleaning supplies. Line up your products and take a look at each label. Do you see a bunch of ingredients that you can’t pronounce or that you’ve never heard of?

Step 2: Put on your nerd glasses and do your own research

Anything that you spray on your counters, rub into your skin, put on your body or in your hair most likely contains chemicals that are harmful to your body’s respiratory, immune, and reproductive health.

Companies have a A LOT of freedom when it comes to what they put into household products with very few government regulations in place.

Did you know that the toxins released from most candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes? And dry shampoo contains propane, butane, talc, and fragrance. Yikes!

Step 3: Begin to ditch and switch

Switching out every single product in your home can be overwhelming and time consuming. So let’s just begin with some baby steps. Start with a few at a time. We are still in the process of doing this in our own homes. It takes time!

Begin here with our 7 easy swaps for a toxic free home. You’ve got this!

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