Is Your Company the "Right" Fit?

Updated: Feb 16

Okay, it’s time to get real honest with yourself here. I’m mainly speaking to all of you ladies, whether you are working the 9-5 for someone else, doing the Side Hustle or building your own empire – I want you to really think about whether this is the right choice for you. Is this what’s going to create the BLISS you’re looking for?

Years ago I was looking for a change. I felt really drawn to do something where I could make a real difference. I also had just had my third baby and I was wanting to do something that would allow me to have time with my kids as well. After a lot of contemplation and discussion, I decided I was going to go back to school and get my teaching certificate. This was going to perfect, it checked all the boxes (so I thought). I love to learn and teach – CHECK. I love kids – CHECK. I had school vacations off – CHECK (sort of). I was helping people – CHECK.

I finished school and taught a few years, but then started to feel like maybe I didn’t make the right choice. Teaching started to look more like prepping for exams. Time off – yeah right! Most of my time off was spent grading, lesson planning or taking professional development courses. Where was my 2-month vacation?! Plus, I always have had some type of business or side-hustle and this “Job” wasn’t giving me the time to do that. That entrepreneurial itch was coming on STRONG. So I decided to make another change. I knew working for myself was the only way that I was going to get the time with my family I was looking for. It was also the only thing that would allow me to determine how much income I was going to get, no more ceilings for me! But when deciding what my business was going to be, I looked at the same checklist…Doing something I was passionate about that made a difference in other people’s lives.

As I’ve worked with many women, so many think they are STUCK with a company or a job and can’t leave because of various reasons “the health insurance is good” “I put too much time/money to change now” etc.. Girl, the time is NOW! It’s never too late to decide to take control of your career and create the life you want!

So whether you’re making a change or need to take a hard look at the company you’re with right now, grab a notebook and pen and really start thinking and brainstorming some of these questions…

1 - Do you LOVE your product or service?

Especially you Direct Sales gals, is your product something you would purchase every month without the business? Is the product something that you would recommend to others, even if you weren’t receiving a commission from it? Is your product for everyone or only a specific demographic? This one was big for me! I wanted to make sure I was recommending a product that I truly believed everyone needed. Something that everyone in my house would use. A product that I couldn’t live without, and felt so passionate about.

2 - Do you have a STRONG story about your product?

Have you had an experience that has moved you and changed your life in some way? Something that when you share it with others, they can feel your sincerity and passion about it. This is important, because there’s going to be tough days. Just because you chose the right company for you, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be smooth sailing. This is Entrepreneurship – it’s hard work! But when you’re with a company that has a product that you have such a strong testimony on, it will be an anchor for you. Something you’ll be able to hold on to to get through those hard days without quitting.

3 - If you’re working with a company, do their goals and visions match yours?

Looking into the owners and executives is important. Are they ethical and do they treat you as a partner? Are they looking out for you too? What is their mission and does it align with yours?

4 - Why are you “Doing this Business”?

Is it because you think it’s the answer to your problems? Here’s the thing, you have to be creating a business because of a deeper WHY. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but WHY you are doing the business is what is going to drive you. It’s your compass to follow. So if you haven’t done it yet, figure out what your WHY is. If you don’t know where to start, think of What you want first. That’s a little easier. Then ask yourself Why do you want it? And then ask why do you want that? And why do you want that? And why do you want that? By the fourth time, you should be getting close to your real reason for building your business. Now, is the company you’re with in alignment with your WHY?

This is Reality Check time! After all this brainstorming, it’s time to decide…Should I stay or should I go now? One of the first steps in moving towards your Bliss life is making THIS decision.

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