How To Find Your Tribe

Updated: Jun 24

I’ll be honest, I never thought having a Tribe was a big deal. My tendency as an Extroverted Introvert (look it up, it’s a thing LOL), is to not actively look for more connections in my life. And I am busy. And some people drain me. I’m just being honest.

So when I used to hear people say, “Find your Tribe”, I was like meh, I’m good. I operated this way for most of my 20's, until I started to build my stay at home business. Oh how things have changed.

What happened for me, is the people I thought were my “friends” totally didn’t support me, and even laughed at what I wanted to do as I switched careers.

It was at that point that I realized, if I didn’t find a group of women that I could be completely me with, that had similar dreams as mine, and actively supported each other in them…that I wouldn’t make it very far.

I needed authentic and compassionate relationships in my life in order to be successful. I needed a group of women that actually help feed my soul, not just my social desires…my peeps!

For me finding my tribe meant I had a group of women that I felt completely at home with.

That stretched me to be and do more.

That celebrated all of my successes and helped me through all the failures.

Tribes are powerful.

They can be the sisterhood that help you start living that Blissful life!

But how do you know when you have found YOURS? There is no exact recipe, but here are a few tips that can get you moving in the right direction.

1. Know Your Mission- You won't be able to figure out who you resonate with if you aren’t sure what your mission and goals are. The more authentic you are with yourself and the path you want to take, the more people you will attract that fit your ideals and have similar goals and dreams. When I started getting clearer on my goals is when I started realizing the people that I had in my circle weren’t serving me long term. I needed and craved surrounding myself with people that had a similar vision as mine!

2. Get Clear on What You Need- Not everyone you meet is going to be your cup of tea. Remember, I said some people drain me? It’s true. Sometimes I just don’t know how to say no and end up feeling “stuck” in a relationship that is not serving either of us. Knowing what you need in a support system is so important to making sure you fill fulfilled. What qualities are you looking for in your tribe? Seek out those ideal “partnerships” that give you exactly what you are needing. It’s ok to think about what YOU need. 3. Different Tribes = Different Needs- You may need a couple different tribes in your life. That’s ok. Maybe you are needing some massive support in your business and you need to surround yourself with other women that share similar goals and can help hold you accountable. You may also have a tribe for your personal life, when it’s time to “check out” and just be with friends that get you. The BEST is when some of these people intersect. But even if they never do, they can both be important for your growth. And the biggest thing to remember is whatever area of your life they fit into…are they supporting YOU?! I can’t wait for you to surround yourself with the RIGHT people that contribute to helping you Live Your Bliss! One of my favorite quotes is, “The world will be set free by women who are free. Sisterhood is the key.” Join our Tribe!

Here’s to finding the Tribe (and sisterhood) that is right for you!

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