How to PIVOT not Pause When Big Changes Happen!

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the COVID chaos?

Don’t worry we got you!

Let’s talk about how to keep growing your business, quarantine style.

Hopefully you are using this time to connect more with your family and slow down from the hustle and bustle that are your usual days.

If you are anything like us, having all the kids cooped up in the house isn’t helping your sanity. #homeschool (can they all just graduate already, I thought I had my yelling under control, but I digress)

Really though, we have gotten tons of messages over the last few weeks of concerned biz owners wondering what the heck to do. Most of them are just PAUSING in the unknown wake of what we are all experiencing.

Especially if you run a Network Marketing business like we do! I mean, that’s our jam, getting out there and networking with people. Like actually meeting them.

So we wanted to chat with you a bit on some ways you can Pivot instead of Pause in the midst of this changing world. And yes, you can still continue to rock your biz…it just might look a little different than last month!

1. Take everything virtual asap! Now, we don’t mean start setting up an online funnel and building a website! Just take all your classes, meetings etc online. Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, Stories, emails, or even a pre-recorded videos will be huge! We personally love Zoom and this is how we have done most of our business for years. One on ones, groups meetings etc can all be done virtually. Especially if you are running a health and wellness business, people need what you have to offer now more than ever! And what we are seeing is most people want to hop on a zoom with us since it helps them connect with the “outside world”, and we can offer them some products to stay healthy. These virtual environments can also help you connect and create a community while being socially distant. Leverage technology girl! (all the millennials out there are like, ya…we’ve been doing this for years! 😉)

2. Focus on 100% customer care! Take this time to really focus on taking care of your customers (and your leaders). They want to FIRST know that you care. We have always known that right? Well this is a great time to really show them. A fun idea is to play virtual bingo with your customers. Give away some of your products as prizes! A super effective way to reach out to everyone is to create a “calling tree”. Get with some of your biz partners and divide up all the customers and reach out (call or text) to check in on them. DON’T try to sell them anything at that moment. Ask if they are ok, if they have enough supplies, if you can do anything for their family. Show up to serve. When we all bounce back from this (and the world will), they will remember your kindness and guess what, that will show up in your sales!

3. Work on yourself! I can’t think of a better time than now to work on sharpening the saw….so many times in the craziness of our businesses, we put that personal development aside. There just seems like there is no time! Well sister, you have just been handed a large plate of time, so dive in! What are some skills you need to hone? Generating leads? Moving past fear? How to Manage your time? Grab one of those dusty books on your shelves (or that one podcast/e-book) you’ve been meaning to get to and create the time to start. This may just prove to be one of the BEST investments in your business during #stayhome! In our experience, your success is directly dependent on how much you are willing to work on YOU!

Just remember, right now (more than ever) is the time to keep your business vibrant. Give yourself permission to breathe, love on your kids, keep your family safe AND focus like never before on your biz. When you come out the other side (or specifically your home), you will be stronger than ever before!

Be safe

Be healthy

You got this!

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