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How To Stay Organized & Be More Productive

When you are working from home and your spouse, kids and five full laundry baskets are right there with you, it can get overwhelming really quickly! You are taking care of ALL THE THINGS and maybe it’s hard to find a moment to take a break.

Many times this is when the overwhelm turns into feeling crazy and out of control. But this is the perfect time to turn that crazy into calm and become organized. When you are organized, you can then approach your business, projects, assignments, tasks, etc. with confidence to actually GET THINGS DONE.

The busier you get, the more important it is to have systems in place to become more productive. So where do you start? Here are 4 tips that have helped me to calm the crazy.

1. Follow a Morning Routine

How I begin my morning always makes or breaks my day. I wrote a blog post all about this you can read HERE. If I’m waking up, instantly checking my phone, and shuffling over to my computer to start working right away, that’s not helping anyone. Being busy and working more doesn’t always equal productivity. There have been so many studies done on habits of successful people and everyone agrees that doing key things (for yourself) first thing in the morning is crucial. The most important thing is to create something that works for you and stick to it! This could be journaling, meditation, going for a walk, or locking the pantry door for 2 minutes while you drink your coffee and take deep breaths.

2. Time Block

If you’re a free spirit and you hate schedules, hear me out. This isn’t intended to tie you down or put you in a box. This will give you even more freedom! The best part of time blocking, is it’s flexible to YOUR schedule. Putting

everything into your calendar will help with the overwhelm and keep you from feeling frazzled all the time. If you’ve followed us for a while, you know this has been a game changer! I wrote a whole blog post with great tips on how to set up your calendar and block your time. Check it out HERE. {Bonus: there’s a free download in that post}

3. Give Everything A Home

I’m sure you’ve seen the Home Edit on Netflix? Those girls sure make organization look fun, pretty, and inspiring! (I may even have ROYGBIV my books). Okay, so creating rainbows may not be important, but making sure every item in your office has a home is very important. For one thing, it will save you time when you know exactly where to find something. Or when you have a zoom call, you won’t have to frantically push everything outside the view of the camera.

4. Ten Minute Clean Up

At the end of the day, spend only 10 minutes cleaning everything up. You can even set a timer to make it more fun. Straighten up the pillows on the sofa, wipe down the kitchen sink & counter, put shoes away, make sure your office space is straightened up. This makes a big difference in your feeling calm and accomplished for the day. Plus in the morning, once your morning routine is done, you are ready to get working without the stress of the mess!

These are just four of our strategies to keep things organized and feeling calm so we can rock our workday and be more productive!!

What are some strategies you use to stay organized and keep things in order? We’d love to hear your tips! Send us a DM to our Instagram page and we will post it in our stories!

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