I got another Gym Membership...

Ok so I’ll be honest right now, I don’t even remember how many times I’ve got a gym membership over the years. (And so many once my postpartum body showed up). So here’s what happens for me, I get super pumped. This is it!

  • I buy new gym clothes (cuz maybe if I at least feel cute, I’ll like going more 🤣), CHECK!

  • Get my littles to stop crying in the Kid Zone, CHECK!

  • Head to the workout area to rock it, CHECK!

But then, my overwhelm kicks in. Happens EVERY TIME! I’m not exactly sure what I should be doing so I walk around to the weight machine for a minute and try to look like I know the plan.

Then I start looking around at all the women that for certain know exactly what a good workout is supposed to look like! Oh and by the way, they are “skinnier”, or have makeup on (what?!), and I start to feel like what the heck am I doing here!?

So I walk over to the sit down bikes with TVs attached and pedal my legs while watching Ellen cuz then at least I’m doing something! Eventually I quit showing up cuz let’s be honest, I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I remember when I first started my business, I felt exactly like this too! Super pumped, ready go! Then fear and comparison kicked in. Just like when I walked into the gym!

And to make it worse, I didn’t exactly know what to do, so I spent a lot of time trying to feel “busy” so I could justify time spent away from my family! You could say, I was sitting on the bike watching TV.

Well I’ll tell you what, that got old real fast! Wanting something so bad and not seeing results can crush your dream in a hot second!

I started doing what I said I never would....started the “slow quit”. Started making excuses of why I couldn’t show up more powerfully. Why what I was doing wasn’t a fit for me (except is was). I went into protection mode. If I can protect myself from failure, then it won’t hurt when I don’t make it.

Girl, Here’s the thing....just like at the gym, if you are consistent and persistent, you will see results! I mean, eating a salad ONE time isn’t going to get me back to my prebaby body, but being consistent and sticking with it everyday will! So here’s some tips that helped me:

  • Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s. Just because the boss babe you follow on Instagram got 50k in followers in one week, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful too! It’s ok if it’s taking you a little longer. You got this!

  • Make sure your heart is ALL IN! This is where we see most people we work with go wrong. Stop doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing and make sure your business, career, or idea is something that lights you up and gets you outta bed in the morning (even on the days your 3 yr old woke you up 50x that night!) if you aren’t feeling that excitement, we need to talk :). And don’t forget to be all in while honoring YOUR BIZ STYLE!

  • Your family will survive with a little less of you! Its ok if you had to lock yourself in the closet for your conference call while you shoved fishy crackers under your closet door for your kiddos cuz you are a little late on making them lunch (I mean I have NEVER done that 😉). In all seriousness, it’s OK to focus on your biz a little more at certain times. Especially in the beginning. Quit trying to be everything for everyone and embrace the fact that you can do both!

Boss Lady, listen up! You got this....stay consistent even when it’s hard. Be persistent even when all the wheels are falling off the bus and you will get there. Great things take time and when we are taking about your dream life, your BLISS, quitting is the last thing we will let you do.

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