• Terese Hamilton

I Had Goal Setting PTSD!

Another new month and I’m being asked by my mentor what my 90-day goals are. Ugh!! I was really feeling like I had PTSD and afraid to even make goals.

When I first started my business, I set goals and quickly achieved them. It was new, I was excited, my energy was high and it was showing up in my checks. The momentum was rolling and I was attracting business partners and customers.

And then something happened that was new for me….my first business partner quit. This was devastating to me! It definitely wasn’t in my mapped out plan. Then it seemed like they were dropping like flies. This was a huge blow and really affected my belief in myself.

I hit a HUGE wall! I wish I could say that I turned it around quickly and continued progressing. But that’s not what happened. It felt like with every step I took, I had to take two steps back.

So yea, when my mentor asked me that day what my next goal was - I wanted to hide!

I really had to dig out of the place that I was in and here’s what that looked like for me…

  • CONSISTENCY - I never quit! No matter how down I was on myself or of my abilities to have people stick with me, I always showed up. A good friend of mine once said, “Terese, you can only quit anytime BUT never on a bad day.” That was always in my mind, and of course who wants to quit when things are going good?

  • LOOK AT GOALS WITH NEW EYES - Prior to this, I had always created “SMART” goals with deadlines and action plans. But when I wasn’t meeting those expectations, I would just feel worse about myself. I look back on this journey and realize it was an invitation for me to not hang my self worth on whether or not I reached my goal. Ladies, YOU ARE NOT YOUR GOALS! One of my favorite sayings is: Goals are stars to steer by not sticks to beat yourself with. When I changed my perspective - that’s when things began to shift!

  • FIND MY PASSION - let’s face it, the real problem was that I had lost my passion. My business became a “JOB” to me and the fun and the joy wasn’t there anymore. I really had to dig deep and discover my WHY again, something that was the fire in my belly. The clearer I got with that, the hard days became less impactful. I knew that my success was only up to me, and not whether or not people stayed or left.

Fast forward FOUR LONG YEARS (yes, you read that right)...it finally happened! I hit the goal I had started out to create. Do I wish I would have hit this goal earlier? Absolutely! But as I look at the bigger picture, the things I’ve learned along the way, the growth I’ve had personally, the lives that I’ve touched as I committed to never stop until I hit it, is INVALUABLE!

Ladies, let’s commit to always trusting the journey! Oh, and the PTSD has been cured!

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