Mom Guilt is Real!! Here's How to Ditch it...

Do you stay up at night thinking about whether or not your children are going to need MASSIVE amounts of therapy when they’re older?

Of Course They Are!!! Therapy is good, and none of us REALLY know what we’re doing here. Kids don’t come with a “How-To” manual attached.

Now, for all you boss moms out there, add in trying to build your business empire, some days it feels like a recipe for disaster. We’ve all felt it. The dreaded feelings of “mom guilt”.

Whether you’re feeling guilty because you had to feed your kids take-out for the fourth time this week, or you’re less available for family time because you are pulling ten-hour days to get your business up and running, you should know that your feelings are NORMAL.

Girl, the fact that you even care that you’re doing enough or doing it right, is proof you are an incredible mother! The reason you are feeling guilty at all is because you love your kids and you want the best for them.

If you’re struggling to find balance as a mom AND build your business, check out these five things mompreneurs can do to cope with the guilt. And if you put these things into action, you might just find that one day you’ve ditched the mom guilt altogether!

5 Ways to Ditch Mom Guilt

1. Set Aside Family Time

Building your business empire gets busy, and you’ll find yourself constantly being split between work and family. Blocking in time for family activities is going to be crucial. You’re probably already time blocking all of your weekly meetings, it’s time to start blocking in time for your family too. It could be as simple as committing to be present at family dinner. (If you don’t know what family dinner is, this is a problem.) 😉 . Uninterrupted quality time with mom will keep everyone feeling balanced and fulfilled. And you might find that closing the door on your business to-do list during pre-scheduled time each week will rejuvenate you personally as well.

2. Delegate

Take a closer look at your day-to-day life and find things you can outsource. Some of you may be in a position where hiring an assistant can be helpful. But it doesn’t take money to delegate. We give you some great tips in our blog post on Superwoman Syndrome. Aren’t we all trying to create time freedom here? So let’s delegate all the non-essentials to somebody else.

3. Know You’re Not Alone

There are many women out there who are nailing the mompreneur life. Can you think of some successful entrepreneurs who are also moms that you look up to? Do you have friends who are killing it? It’s very important to surround yourself with like-minded women. So when it gets tough, you have someone to lean on. Finding a tribe of women that get you and are going through the same phase of life will be crucial to helping you ditch the mom guilt.

4. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

When you feel mom guilt creeping into your thoughts, tell yourself that you know you are capable and WORTHY of balancing both worlds. You have gifts to give the world through your business AND gifts to give your children as their mom. And You. Can. Do. Both. Say this to yourself ten times a day until you’re convinced! Then live the amazing life you’ve built for yourself as a Boss Mom!

5. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Remember, building your empire and ultimately, achieving time and financial freedom is the greatest gift you can give your family! Try not to fall into the trap of comparing your life to another mom’s life, or measuring your potential as a mother against another mom’s reality. As human beings, we always want to act like our problems are unique. And your “Perfect” Instagram Influencer isn’t helping with that. I mean, who wears stilettos while they’re making dinner? You know, she just put those on for the picture 😂 This is YOUR dream, and YOUR reality, and mama, you’re doing GREAT!

Bottom line - as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to choose between working and being a good mom. You can Rock It at both. It is NOT selfish of you to build your business dream while raising a family at the same time! Inspiring women are doing this every day, and so can you. But if mom guilt’s got a grip on you, try putting these five tips into action. If you do, you’ll be able to cope with the guilt in your life; and perhaps even eliminate it completely.

And don’t forget to keep telling yourself that you’ve got this! Your family AND business dreams are worth it!

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