• Terese Hamilton

Self Care Isn't Just Taking a Bath!

Running your own home-based business can be tiring and hard… especially when you have a family you’re trying to care for as well.

And what gets put on the back burner? YOU!

Oftentimes we think that self-care is selfish OR we also think it’s as simple as buying a Peppermint Shampoo for the shower.

Yes, the little things help (and Peppermint Shampoo rocks btw), but that’s not what we’re talking about.

Girl, we know you’re busy - we’re right there with you. But if you don’t focus on a little bit of YOU TIME, you’ll be on the path to burnout. And we don’t want you there!

Here’s 3 Easy Tips to get you started (anything more than that may feel overwhelming - baby steps)

TIP #1: Manage your screen time

Disconnecting from your devices is SO important, but also incredibly hard. Schedule at least one hour per day to put your phone on Airplane Mode or DO NOT DISTURB. And while you’re sleeping doesn’t count! You don’t have to answer every text as soon as you get it. We’ve definitely felt that addiction!

Another thing that has been incredibly helpful for us is removing your phone from your bedroom at night. There is such a thing as an alarm clock - go buy one! Making your bedroom distraction free, will also help you with our next tip.

TIP #2: Get enough sleep

We cannot stress the importance of getting enough sleep! Sleep is so important for our bodies to rest and recover. In fact, lack of sleep can even affect our immune systems. Have you ever got sick after a stressful restless week? Us too!

We know in a perfect world, 7-8 hours of sleep is SUPER important, but we also know as mothers and business owners that doesn’t always happen. A more restful sleep is even MORE Important than the length of time. So go turning off that technology at least 30 minutes before bedtime, creating a calm environment, and use a sleep mask (darkness helps our REM sleep).

TIP #3: Use essential oils

If you haven’t figured out already, we are OBSESSED with essential oils! Getting into an oily routine can not only help you relax and get better sleep at night, it can help you ROCK your business during the day!

Having the diffuser going in your office will energize you and help you stay focused. Our favorites are a couple drops of Peppermint and a couple drops of Wild Orange. We’ll even throw those babies directly into our hands and take a big whiff. TRY IT!!

You’re welcome!

We’ve got you, lady boss!

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