Super Woman Syndrome...

Let’s get real for a second. Have you ever wondered how all these super women around

you do it all? Well, I want to give you a hint.... they don’t! The reality is REAL super women ask for help! And they aren’t ashamed to admit they can’t do everything. Like where did that come from anyway? I used to compare myself to all the other moms I saw.... oh, they must have it more together than me, they must be more organized. Or, if I could only figure out how to do this or that, then I could be like them. Well here’s the thing, most of them had the same concerns, worries and insecurities that I did. Who knew!? And come to find out.... most of those rocking business moms I was comparing myself to, were asking for help!

One time I asked one of these “super women” in my life, a close friend and mentor, how the heck she did it all, cuz I was drowning. What she said changed everything for me. She said, “I hire out everything that’s not important”. I was like what? She said, “Ya, for instance, I love spending time with my kids, but I hate cleaning my toilets. And every time I would have a day off of work, I was cleaning! So, I was spending all my spare time doing the things that I hated and not focusing on what brought me the most kids.”

Mind blown....with this new realization, I had to figure out what my next step was. At that time in my life, we didn’t have money to hire all the help I needed, so how could I run full out toward my goals and dreams and not drown in all my mom duties? Well, I got creative! I realized how much time I was spending on cleaning that I could really be devoting to my business, so we budgeted in a lady to come help clean my house once a month, so I didn’t have to worry about dirty toilets!

Now second, was finding time without little people yelling mom! Now to be clear, raising my own kids was important, however, I definitely saw value in getting some part-time help in that department. Are there any other moms out there that you know that could use a little free time too? I connected with a group of 3 women and we each took a babysitting day. So, one day a week from 9-12 I would watch everyone’s kids and that gave me 2 days a week to work on my dreams in peace and quiet.

The other thing I did was implement a Power Hour! When I first learned this concept, it made a huge difference in my life. This Power Hour (or what I liked to call my Nap time hustle) was crucial for me to be able to work on my dreams without the chaos. It takes a little planning (and I’m not a planner!)  but once you get the hang of it, you can get so much done.

Before bed each night, write down what is highest on your list to move you closer to your dream. For me my dream was being an entrepreneur so I had to be careful that I wasn’t spending time on the little things that truly didn’t matter in the long run (like recreating a flier for an event I was having because it needed to look prettier), but the real things that would move my business forward. Like setting up appointments with people, reaching out to my business partners etc. So for you this may look different but the best thing is to look at your list and decide the top 3 things that will make the most impact in your dream that day.

Then pick an hour during the day. It could be an hour before your kids wake up (this totally wouldn’t work for me cuz I am not a morning person- I’ve tried soooo many times), maybe an hour of movie time in the morning? For me it was naptime. Then no matter what was going on, I guarded that time with my life. SO, if I was in the middle of laundry or a friend called out of the blue- no matter what, I started my naptime hustle and tried to get as much done as I could during that hour. It truly is amazing what happens when you can spend uninterrupted time in the ZONE.... miracles!

SO, whether you are trying to do everything on your own or just can’t find the time to get things done I want you to ask yourself, “How important is your dream?” And if it’s important enough the first thing you are going to do is brainstorm how to get the help you need to get started, then how to create the time to actually start making it happen.

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