The Bliss Podcast: Firing Your Upline

Sometimes we feel as though our business is out of our control. That it's the responsibility of our leaders or uplines to make us successful. In this episode we'll discuss how you can shift that mindset and take control of your business. 


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Show Notes:

The most common limiting belief for most people we have worked with is the idea that someone's success is dependent upon the person that introduced you to your business (maybe your sponsor or business partner). What happens when the person that introduced you to your company quits? Do you quit?

Who is responsible for your business?

OK Friends, here's your big truth bomb....your sponsor is not responsible for your success nor are they responsible for your failures. It is completely up to you whether you want to be successful or not. The sooner you realize that the better. One of the biggest complaints I used to have in my own business journey was that I did not mesh well with the person who introduced me to my company. I used to think, man I would be so successful if they would do x, y ,z  for me. Then when they didn't do those magical things I hoped they would, I would just get frustrated. The most pivotal point in my business was when I realized that it didn't matter what they were or weren't doing. I didn't matter what the person above them was doing, it didn't matter what my leaders were doing, it was completely up to me if I wanted to be successful.

How do I take responsibility for my business?

We want to give you challenge that will help you catapult your biz... Call the person who introduced you to your company and let them know you're saying goodbye for now. That doesn't mean you don't want to listen to them anymore. You still want to be part of the community, you'll still reach out for advice or resources if you need to. But let them know that you are going to take complete ownership of your business from now on. You will no longer blame them for your failures or successes.

It's amazing what happens when you make that energy shift. Changing your mindset from what are they going to do for you, or what are they going to give you, and switching that to, "I love you, I am thankful for you and I have gratitude for you, but I've got this". It will be a pivotal moment in your business. Say goodbye to your upline and take ownership of your business because you've got this.

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