The Bliss Podcast: Hitting a Wall

So, you’ve hit a mental wall and it's keeping you from moving forward. In this episode we’ll go over ways that we’ve been able to recognize and overcome these obstacles. Tools such as journaling, affirmations, and bliss boards allow us to work through our thoughts and help us to move forward.


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Show Notes:

Who is stopping me from achieving?

So many times, in my business things are going well, the momentum is there, we are working and then all of a sudden it comes to a screeching halt.  It's like you’ve hit a brick wall. As an entrepreneur, whether you're in network marketing or direct sales (or any other business), the biggest obstacle you come across is yourself. 

Something to keep in mind, in the type of industry where you're working for yourself, you are your own glass ceiling. There’s no one from the top telling you that you can’t be successful, or you can’t continue to grow, or you can’t hit that top rank, or whatever it is you’re going for. So many times it's the voices in our head that are stopping us from doing something. If you can learn to manage that, the sky is the limit. 

Where are these BLOCKS coming from?

The reality is, a lot of those voices came from a long time ago, maybe even when you were a child. I was working with a woman the other day and she said that she's having a hard time sharing her product with people. What it boiled down to is when she was little she was constantly told to be quiet, because she was too loud. Forty years later, she's trying to build this business where she is going out, sharing her product and talking to people, but that voice is eating away at her. It continuously tells her she’s too loud, she needs to be quiet, and it's really holding her back. Her working through this block is crucial. 

What can I do when I realize I’ve hit that wall?

Usually it takes me a hot second before I realize I've hit that wall. Over the years I have learned to recognize when it happens and then I'll ask, what does that mean? That means I need to up-level my skills AND up-level my mindset. Decide what your block means for you.

What tools can I use to work through my blocks?

There are great things that I’ve learned to do and that we’ve been able to teach other women to do to get past that wall and to get that momentum going. For me, a big thing that has helped is journaling. Writing down the thoughts in my head and writing long enough that the blocks start to show up. In the past, I’ve been coached by other people and they’ll ask me what my thoughts and blocks are and I won’t know. When I’m able to journal it really helps me to recognize those things.

Another more visual way is through affirmations, and visualization techniques. I love our affirmation card deck where I get to talk about my daily intention. Even reading something out loud to myself in the present tense such as, I am successful, I am (this), has been a real game changer. In addition, my bliss boards are a great way to visualize what my goals and dreams are.

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