The Bliss Podcast: Playing All In

Do you want your business to succeed? What are you doing to make that happen? In this episode we’ll go over how you can dive in and be the captain of your ship.


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Show Notes:

Are you dipping your toe into the water or are you diving in?

Today I want to talk about why some women that have home based businesses might not be seeing success. I really think it’s because they have not decided to play all in. We don't learn to swim by dabbling one toe in the water every Saturday. You're never going to get there if you do that. At some point you're going to have to dive in. You're going to have to learn the strokes, learn the breathing, and do all of the other things in order to be successful. I see it a lot with the women we work with, where they are going to test the waters. What does that mean? They want social proof. They want to check with their friends or their family, and see if it's a cool thing to do. I also see that they're just not committed.

What excuses are holding you back?

One of the biggest excuses I hear often is kids. They blame their kids, they are too young, and I don’t have time. Or they are too old, they are teenagers and we’re driving around all of the time. There is always something. We don’t want to say that kids aren’t important. They are definitely our top priority, but our businesses are also a priority. This is the reason we decided to do home based businesses, so that we could spend time with them. Nothing that is worth having comes without a little bit of sacrifice.

Are you serious about your business?

One of the things that is crucial for people that aren't seeing the success that they want is that they really have to commit. Are you treating this business like a business? Whenever I’m coaching someone that is just getting started one of the things I ask them is if they've set up a business bank account. So many times they haven’t and they are just putting that extra fifty or one hundred dollars into their personal account. Even if you're only making a couple hundred dollars a month you need to have that set aside because there may be some months that you have to reinvest that back into your business. It is important that you know where that income is going and what it's doing. If not, we forget that this is an actual business. 

Do you make time for your business?

When are your business hours? It is important to know when you are going to work. It is okay to find pockets of time. For example, you can do all of your calls or mentoring sessions during nap time. We want to be flexible, that's why we did this. But you still have to be open for business. You need to decide when that is and set it up so that you can make and achieve goals for your business.

Burn those boats and dive in.

You have to have a direction to shoot for or you’re never going to make it. It reminds me of the story of Cortez leading the expedition of the Spaniards. They were on their way to go get some treasure. As they arrived in Mexico and got off of their ship Cortez burned the boats. By doing this he was telling his people that there was no turning back. They were there to fight, win and find their treasure. It sounds a bit extreme but think about this in the terms of your business. In order to be successful your mind has to get to that point where you know that there is no return.You are going to do it no matter what. This can get really hard, but as long as you know that you’ve done everything you can, you will be okay. 

I have never seen anyone have success where they are just dabbling and testing the waters. We invite you to dive all in, burn your boats and play all in with your business. We know you will see massive success doing this.

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